Cody R. DeHaan


Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Measure

The advent of social media and instant communications have given rise to the common phenomena of worrying that others may be having more rewarding experiences, preventing the experience of the present. Working with a team of researchers at the University of Oxford, University of California, and University of Essex, we published an empirically-based investigation in Computers in Human Behavior.

Visit Andrew Przybylski’s site for more information about FOMO, and to view the measure.

Implicit Tasks

In a recent paper on the role of parental autonomy support in self-acceptance and defense of sexual identities, I worked with researchers at Cardiff University, University of California, and University of Rochester, publishing our findings in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

As part of this work, we developed and implemented an implicit task, originally created using PXLab. For various reasons, I’ve recently implemented this task in ScriptingRT. I will be posting this priming task soon.

You can access my skeleton IAT example implementation in ScriptingRT on GitHub.